No Green Without Blue

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The Mangrove Technology Platform provides solutions
for regenerative reforestation and agroforestry projects
in order to fight global warming and climate change.

We need to plant
billions of trees
to fight climate change

Trees are the most
effective technology
to store carbon dioxide

We cannot rely
on already under heavy stress
fertile soil and fresh water

The Mangrove Technology Platform enables trees planting on arid soil
integrating desalination units, organic incubators and IoT devices

Future land use depends, in part, on the desired climate outcome and the portfolio of response options deployed. All assessed modelled pathways that limit warming to 1.5ºC or well below 2°C require land-based mitigation and land-use change, with most including different combinations of reforestation, afforestation, reduced deforestation, and bioenergy.

Although most forests restoration options can be applied without competing for available land, some can increase demand for land conversion. At the deployment scale of several GtCO2yr-1, this increased demand for land conversion could lead to adverse side effects for adaptation, desertification, land degradation and food security.

In order to deploy forest restoration practices at the needed scale but limiting at the same time the land conversion, innovative and bankable technologies are required to enable trees planting on arid and degraded soil.
The MTP represents a cost-effective, nature-inspired system able to integrate already existing technologies in a truly innovative manner with the overall aim to scale-up trees planting practices at the needed scale leveraging increasing adverse conditions such as soil salinity and desertification.

The reverse engineering of biological system, starting from Mangrove forests, and open- source components allow for the cost-effective optimization of the three integrated core technologies, i.e. desalination units, organic incubators and IoT devices, with the strategic target to deliver a passive, modular and smart system enabling trees planting in adverse environments.

Planet Lab @ Digital Universitas Mechanical Department

Where we develop, manufacture and assembly the Mangrove Technology Platform.